Card Dungeon releases on the play store

Card Dungeon erapid games news

A few decades ago, gaming was less about the fancy graphics, the whole thing was more in regards to the experience that you get. Instead, games always allowed you to test your imagination and that’s what made them interesting. Nowadays games tend to be dumbed down in order to appeal to more people, but there are some titles such as Card Dungeon who try to reminiscent of the past.

At its core, Card Dungeon is a dungeon crawling game, but what makes it interesting is that it successfully manages to combine that mechanic with a board and card game, bringing an intriguing mix of ideas that simply works. Right after you enter the game you immediately see the nostalgia coming in, as the title does bring a very appealing, retro themed you might say, graphical mode. You basically start by selecting the trait and characters that you want to pursue.

Card Dungeon erapid games news

The whole game is in a portrait mode, not in landscape, so the whole game experience is a lot more personal. The cards will allow you to move the game onward or upward, and each one of them will provide you with the necessary information to help you advance in the game world. Combat is very interesting as well since it’s comprised out of statistics based action scenes which make the game very interesting.

All game levels are randomly generated and there aren’t any player classes. Alongside that, the numerous monster types will allow you to experience a lot in order to find the best combinations to play.

Card Dungeon is one of the most interesting games that you can play nowadays if you love card based titles with a lot of lore and engaging combat. If you like such games, or any title that would remind you about the early days of gaming, Card Dungeon is something you don’t want to miss.