Cars Fast as Lightning – Cars starting their race

Cars Fast as Lightning erapid games review

Cars Fast as Lightning – Games Review

We all know the Cars animated movies that were released a few years ago. These movies managed to impress the audience and provide some of the most interesting stories we could ever imagined that had animated cars as main characters. It was a matter of time until these great adventures were portrayed in a video game, and that is how Cars Fast as Lightning was born.

Cars Fast as Lightning is a fun driving game where you need to race your opponents in beautifully designed game worlds, with your only main purpose being to win the races and modify the town of Radiator Springs according to your own wishes. Just like in the movies, here you will be able to use nitro charged arcade racing that’s not realistic or inclined towards simulation, instead it’s purely fun.

Cars Fast as Lightning erapid games review

As expected, you get to control the favorite cars from the movies, such as Mater and Lightning McQueen. The funny characters are very easy to control during the racing sessions and they even make the racing interactive, because they will talk with you as you complete the levels, something that we found to be very interesting.

There are also numerous animated scene within the game, all of them captured at a high quality. As a bonus, we get the voices of the original cast from the movie, which imbues a lot of authenticity within the game.

What we liked a lot is the fact you can create your own racing courses, a simple yet very appealing feature that just makes the whole experience a lot more realistic and unique.  Being able to modify the whole city according to your wishes is quite nice, and we found the whole process to be very easy to perform.

Not only that, but you can customize virtually anything you want, and this is definitely very helpful. We enjoy the fast paced races and being able to control our favorite characters from the movie is just the icing on the cake.

Cars Fast as Lightning erapid games review

The graphics in this game are astonishing, especially for a mobile game. The high amount of detail that you can see on the cars is simply unprecedented, and you will have lots of fun as you drive your favorite character on his way to victory. This is now a pay to win title, as everything can be purchased through normal play, but if you want to get some things faster, you can pay real money for it, a payment model that we think it’s fair.

In conclusion, Cars Fast as Lightning is a very good racing game that surprised us a lot. It’s a great looking game with lots of interesting gameplay challenges, as well as a wonderful map editor. We like this game a lot, and we recommend you to try it!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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