Cartel Kings challenges you to become the king of monsters

Cartel Kings erapid games news

We always tend to play the role of a hero when we get an action game, but why not be the villain for a change? Cartel Kings does exactly that, as it places us in the role of an aspiring kingpin that wants to work hard in order to become the king of monsters in the city.

The game allows us to rob banks, loot enemies and just cause havoc as we try to get one step closer to the ultimate experience.

Cartel Kings erapid games news

But the best part about Cartel Kings doesn’t come from the simple, singleplayer gameplay, yet because it allows you to find allies in a global manner, in any way you see fit. In fact, the game does a great job in bringing you the ability to join or destroy cartels, in any way you might want or imagine.

The title actually goes a little crazy sometimes as it enables you to craft your own weapons but at the same time you can rob your friends and at the same time you can actually customize the experience and looks of your characters in any way you want.

Cartel Kings erapid games news

You will see that the game does a decent job in bringing in the bad guy feel we all want in such a game, and it’s just an amazing experience to come here and enjoy one of a kind, extraordinary gameplay fun as you see fit!

Overall, you will have a lot of fun in this game, and that’s why you should get it now, you can download it from Google Play using the link below!

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