Castaway Paradise has been soft launched on the Amazon App Store

castaway paradise erapid games news

Castaway Paradise is a game that has been in the works for a very long time now, since it has been announced back in 2012. Since then though, the title has managed to receive a lot of new features.

This is mostly a casual sim game which gets inspiration from a wide range of titles. In this title you can interact with the villagers, gain quests and perform numerous activities in any way you see fit. With the help of this game, you can create a character that’s very easy to customize and thus immerse yourself into the exploration of a large and very amusing world.

castaway paradise erapid games news

Castaway Paradise is more than a simple casual game, instead you can see it as a simulation because alongside the normal exploration stuff, you can even create a house, decorate it, catch fish and bugs, decorate the house and plant trees as you see fit. You can also choose to find numerous items in the game world and decorate your house with them, so there aren’t any limits when it comes to the fun experience that the game provides.

It’s interesting to find quests in a casual game, and with hundreds here, the experience actually feels like a fully fledged RPG rather than a casual title which is neat.

castaway paradise erapid games news

Moreover, Castaway Paradise provides us with a great set of events that were tailored specifically for the holidays. Not everyone might enjoy the graphics style that the game is offering, but if you consider that the title is free, there’s nothing stopping you from trying it on your own, who knows maybe in the end you will even like what the game is currently offering you!

You can get this interesting game right now from Amazon, and it’s even free of charge, so there isn’t any need of paying anything for it. Just check it out, you might like it!