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Castle Defense erapid games review

Castle Defense – Games Review

Castle Defense from Oh Games is a challenging strategy-based tower defense (TD) game. In this game, you’ll need to hold back the waves of monsters by building towers along the path leading to your castle! To start, you’ll need to create a profile out of the 3 profile slots available in the game.

The tower variety in the game is amazingly simple. Unlike some other games, Castle Defense offers a nifty 4 basic towers, namely the bunker, lab, fort and cannon, which can be upgraded using crystals. Bunkers are your usual archer towers – they are cheap, good against flying targets and can shoot rapidly. The lab, on the other hand, functions to slow the enemies down in addition to putting a damage-over-time poison on the targets. Fort shoots bolts of destruction at your enemies, while cannons are your area attack towers and they can kill an entire group of enemies at once!

Besides towers, you’ll also be given 2 spells to use and 1 warrior summoning skill. The warrior summoning skill will allow you to summon 2 warriors – the barbarian, paladin or wizard, while the spells include a freeze-all and an inferno spell, whereby fireballs will rain down on your enemies. All of these spells consume a varying amount of mana. Mana can be passively regenerated, but you may also speed things up by spending a sizeable amount of crystals. There are cooldowns for using spells too!

These skills, towers and even warriors can be upgraded via the skills tree using crystals. To access this skills tree, you’ll need to start a game first, though don’t worry – whatever upgrades you’ve completed are permanent and will not be removed for all of your subsequent matches. Here, you can upgrade to increase your max health and mana; your warriors’ casting rate, hit points and attack; your towers’ level and attack abilities, and even your props (which will be unlocked later on in the game)! You, unfortunately, cannot upgrade your spells.

As you can see crystals are of utmost importance in this game and you can easily earn it via a number of ways, but mainly by playing the game either the campaign mode or the arena mode. You will earn crystals even if you lose the level… but of course, you will definitely get less than if you win. You can also get more crystals for free by completing its partners’ offers or if you’re loaded with real cash, you can also spend your real life money in the game to get crystals!

Not to mention, Castle Defense offers a range of game modes for campaign, which include normal, hard, mission and endless, and 1 mode for arena, namely the challenge. Normal is the basic mode of the game and must be beaten in order to unlock all of the other modes in campaign. To access challenge mode though, you’ll instead need to reach a certain stage in the game to unlock it. Hard, mission and endless modes are pretty much self-explanatory, but for challenge, it can be further broken down to 9 different modes/maps. Challenges uses up energy points and also allows you to supplement your gameplay with runic boosts. Rise up the ranks by improving your TD strategy and increasing your high score for each challenge! There are also achievements and a global ranking that you can get in the game to see how well you are doing.

In short, Castle Defense is a great but rather standard TD game that is guaranteed to offer you hours of fun, especially if you like TD games. Play it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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