Catzzles arrives on Google Play

Catzzles erapid games news

If you enjoy playing puzzle games then you already know about Sokoban, an interesting, box pushing genre that requires a lot of strategic thinking. Catzzles is a Sokoban game at heart, but this time our main character is a cat and all we need to do is to make sure that we place the cat in the designated place in order to win.

The puzzles are nice and crisp, but sometimes they can get a little more existing and intrusive than you would expect. Still, the controls in Catzzless are very good and that’s really what you would expect from a Sokoban game to be honest. There is a joystick compatibility there, and overall Catzzles manages to bring some astounding ideas. One of them is being able to save the game right where you are, which surely adds a lot of variety and uniqueness to the game to say the least.

Catzzles erapid games news

Graphics in this game are HD and very nice, although the game lacks a variety of backgrounds. Still, the difficulty is perfectly balanced and the game just manages to bring an astounding set of challenges that you will like for sure. Catzzles is a Multilanguage game, and you can play it in 21 different languages if you want. Moreover, if you register with the developer, you will be able to enjoy a competitor board where you can post your scores and become the best player.

Catzzles erapid games news

Catzzles comes with in-app purchases, but it’s a free to play game and you can play around 1000 puzzles, so it does have a long lasting value.

Catzzles can be grabbed from Google Play right now at

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