Checkpoint Champion receives new Ice Lake update

Checkpoint Champion is an interesting arcade game where you need to control your car and perform drifts as well as a variety of other tricks in order to get the best possible score. The title receives quite a lot of appreciation upon its release, and this is mainly the reason why developers have released an update for the title.

And it seems that they have kept their promise, because the all-new Ice Lake update has come. What this update includes is a new ice level, which increases the amount of levels to three. Alongside that, it also provides a variety of new challenges, 24 of them actually, that take place in this arena. Of course, in true Checkpoint Champion fashion, you need to collect at least 90 stars in the game if you want to play this particular level in the Arena mode.

Checkpoint Champion erapid games news

But this is not the only addition, as the update also provides a new car as well, in the form of the Brittania Micro. This particular car is very slow, and it even has a slower turning speed, but the best part about it is that it does have a great turbo boost, which makes it great if you want to increase the speed after going into a tight corner.

The Checkpoint Champion update also brings an update to the car statistics that have been revamped in order to view the differences between each car. Lastly, the Checkpoint Champion game has been optimized for better graphics quality, and the download size is also smaller.

Checkpoint Champion erapid games news

All in all, this update is jam packed with a variety of new goodies, which makes it a very interesting and exciting thing to check out. You can watch a preview of the new Ice Lake update for the Checkpoint Champion game here: