Cheese Tower – not as funny as it could be

cheese tower erapid games review

Cheese Tower – Games Review

Creating a tower out of cheese can be a bland and unimpressive thing to do, but Cheese Tower is a title that manages to transform this into a work of art, since it adds a wide range of interesting and appealing gameplay ideas on top of a very interesting premise.

The main purpose of Cheese Tower is to challenge you in order to remove all the mouse blocks and save more and more cheese depending on your skill. Of course, the whole idea of playing a cat that tries to remove the mouse threat is far from being original, since it has been used in many types of media, but here it does manage to create an interesting story, which is neat.

Cheese Tower erapid games review

Removing the gray blocks is fast but you do have to make sure that you create your own strategies if you want to complete the levels quickly. We were impressed in regards to how easy it really is to play the game. You just need to tap on the blocks you want to remove. While you can remove multiple blocks at once if you tap with multiple fingers, this can be a risky move, and thus you need to perform it with complete caution.

By far the things that impresses us the most is the real life physics and collision system that makes the game feel more appealing as well as realistic. Also, the gravity simulation presented here is top notch, with an impressive set of features that you will enjoy.

You get 4 sets of levels, each one of them with a gradual increase in difficulty, and thus you will have a great time playing, while also enjoying the progression system.

Cheese Tower does have its flaws though. The graphics are interesting, but they do fail to impress and that is indeed a bad thing to say the least. Levels feel bulky sometimes and the whole experience receives a major downfall because of that.

In addition, everything lacks a lot of polish, and while it doesn’t draw that much from the gameplay, it does ruin the experience. Then, there’s the problem with the ads, which are placed badly, and some levels were harder to complete because the ads covered the gameplay regions.

Cheese Tower erapid games review

As you can see, Cheese Tower is an enjoyable experience, and the multitude of levels is indeed a major plus as you try to explore the nice puzzle gameplay. Still, the problems with ads, the low polishing level as well as lack of detail just make the whole experience fall short, and because of that the title might not bring a lot of fun in the long run. Still, for what it’s worth, Cheese Tower is a good puzzle experience that can be tried for free.

e-Rapid Games rate: 6.5/10

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