Chronology is headed to Android

Chronology erapid games news

Chronology is a nice puzzle game that has been very successful on all the other platforms, but somehow it didn’t manage to receive an Android platform, up until now, that is. The developer has stated a few days ago that an Android version for Chronology is doable, and because of that the game has finally arrived in its new Google Play home.

What does this mean for players? Chronology is a nicely packed puzzle game so you can rest assured that playing this game is a very intense experience. The Android version is said, according to the developer, to include episodic content, so each update will come up with new puzzles alongside the mandatory puzzles to solve, something that will enrich the experience for sure.

Chronology erapid games news

And while the game really is Multilanguage, there is full voice acting in English, as well as a massive universe to explore, which is very detailed on the mobile versions.

Of course, with Chronology you also get other goodies in the form of some nicely packaged machines, numerous interesting creatures that compete the intriguing world, as well as interesting characters and a very good music too.

A standout thing in Chronology is definitely the graphics style, but the other ideas in Chronology also combine seamlessly, making this game a breeze to play.

Chronology erapid games news

There are in-app purchases in Chronology, but since the game is available for free, you can’t actually complain about them, as you will find yourself buying them anyway just to support the developer.

Overall, Chronology is a promising Android game, and we encourage you to check it out. It’s a fun experience, so check it out!

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