Circle – hard, minimalist game

circle erapid games review

Circle – Games Review

Although gamers always want funnier, more complex games, the reality is that sometimes all of us want a simpler, yet fun game to relax and have a good time with it. This is where Circle comes into play. Released by Ketchapp, a great arcade game developer, Circle is a very simplistic, lightweight and minimalist game which places you face to face with a very simple concept that is way too hard to master.

circle erapid games review

Right from the start you will receive the only instruction from the developers, and that is you need to tap in order to jump. Yes, it’s true, this is the only control that you get in the game, and only by creating a successful tapping strategy will you be able to gain the best results, which we find to be very interesting and creative.

Using a single mechanic for a game is something that only the older games do, but this does seem to get back in style from time to time. The demanding games are nothing compared to Circle, because just like Flappy Bird, this title is very hard to master.

Your main objective here is to get as further as possible by keeping the middle of the circle inside the abnormal line. The main challenge here comes from the random pattern of the line that will always keep you engaged into playing more and more. Yes, Circle brings a very high level of replayability just because it always makes you die very fast, so you will always feel a need to go further and further in order to beat your score.

What we liked the most about Circle is its simplicity, yet the very hard difficulty level that comes with it. Nothing can be more appealing than a game that pushes you continually in order to achieve the best possible results.

The graphical style in Circle is as you would expect, minimalist. The circle color always remains purple, the line is black and the background changes from time to time, in an effort to provide us with something different that will stand out in the end.

circle erapid games review

Soundtrack-wise, the title is minimalist as well, with a very simplistic tune running in the background. We liked that the sounds in here are really neat, but you will not listen to them that much since you do die in lot in this title.

And this might be a weakness for the title as well. Some players might get bored very fast because the number of deaths is way too large, and a little more diversity would be ok. As it stands, Circle is a very interesting title, but you do have to deal with a repetitive gameplay. If you get past that, you will receive a fun game with lots of challenges, a game that we recommend you to try it out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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