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City 2048 erapid games review

City 2048 – Games Review

Based on the popular 2048 matching puzzle game (not match-3 though), City 2048 is not exactly a city-building game with the likes of SimCity. It is, instead, something much simpler and yet it is possibly one of the most addictive, and also challenging, matching puzzle game that I have the pleasure of coming across! This is the sort of game that is easy to get into after a few swipes of the finger and if, somehow, you and the game clicked, you’ll probably be sucked into the game… whole!

To play, you will need to know how the game works. The game starts off by showing you a fairly empty 4×4 tiled land. What you need to do in this game is to connect two of the same districts together to form a new, higher level district. For instance, if you match 2 forest-like patches together, you’ll get a small settlement, and by matching 2 small settlements together, you’ll get a medium settlement… so on and so forth. Eventually you’ll rank up to single storey houses to double storey houses with a pool and even to level 7 where you will get an apartment. And I’ll bet the game goes on to level 10 where your district will probably turn into a magnificent condo or something more awesome!

City 2048 erapid games review

To make a match though, you’ll need to understand the “unspoken rules” behind the game. You cannot move districts diagonally to match them up and can only move in the basic 4 directions – up, down, left and right. To move the tiles, you’ll just need to swipe in the directions mentioned. However, as you may have noticed while playing, whenever you swipe in, let’s say, to the right, all of the occupied tiles or districts (empty land spaces do not count) will move in that direction… right to the edge of the land. That is to say that you are unable to only move a single district at a time, like any normal match-3 game, as every district moves together as one.

Also, with every move you make, a new district will appear randomly on the land. So you’ll always have a new tile to match with. Of course, you can also match multiple districts together in twos as long as you can get it done with only 1 move. Moreover, to clear things up even further, I would say that this game is a strictly match-2 only type of game. Even if you have 3 same districts lined up side by side, you will only get to match 2 up – usually the two tiles nearest to the edge of the land will get matched up.

City 2048 erapid games review

As you play the game, you’ll, as mentioned, level up whenever you’ve reached a new level when matching 2 of your current highest level districts. Eventually, your land will be completely filled with districts and you will no longer be able to make a move. That’s when the game will end and your score is recorded, only if it’s your highest score so far. You will also get to see the great city you’ve built for yourself while playing!

In summary, City 2048 is indeed a very interesting simple matching/puzzle game that is fun, easy to pick up and yet challenging enough to give your brain a jolt! If you’re a fan of puzzle games, this is one game you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Do give it a go today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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