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city of secrets erapid games review

City Of Secrets – Game Review

City Of Secrets is a game that allows you to explore a game world filled with mysteries and numerous unfortunate events that have just plagued a small town. Being able to solve quests just by tapping is highly amusing in this title, but City Of Secrets manages to be much more than a simple tapper, instead it’s a wonderful experience.

Right from the start you will see that the game world in City Of Secrets is filled with revolution and a wide range of mysteries. The gameplay is quite interesting, since you need to find clues and put them together in order to solve quests and uncover the real plot in this game.

city of secrets erapid games review

It’s important to state that the game comes with a graphics scaling technology, so no matter if you play on a tablet or phone, you will be able to experience the desired gameplay without any issues, and we think that is a very cool thing.

Puzzles in City Of Secrets are some of the best we have seen in the last few years, since they don’t hold your hand at all, but instead everything in this title is highly amusing, although there are quite a lot of challenges that you need to face. In City Of Secrets you will be able to interact sometimes with the layered backgrounds, which is a very interesting feature. Of course, the major appeal comes from the idea that you get full 3D characters as well as a stunning hand drawn art that provides a great game experience at all times.

In City Of Secrets you will find notes left in notebooks or todos in the game world, as well as numerous other tasks. All of these combine seamlessly in order to bring the whole experience together, and they do a great job. Despite its premise, the game can be quite amusing at times, but we do have to say that the mysteries and the overall plot in this title is quite dark, something that is to be expected since the game is, mostly, a mystery themed title.

city of secrets erapid games review

You can try to customize the experience as you see fit, because the brightness does tend to vary within the game, so this is a very interesting thing.

To sum up, City Of Secrets is a very interesting adventure game. Far from holding your hand, this is a game experience that you need to live in order to see how good it actually is. Fun, although quite dark at times, City Of Secrets is definitely a game that you need to play if you want a different, great mystery game with lots of variety. We are sure that you will enjoy it!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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