Clumsy Ninja – let’s play with an awesome ninja

clumsy ninja erapid games review

Clumsy Ninja – Games Review

Although being a ninja is a large responsibility that few people can dwell with and become such a thing, we can leave all those ideas of becoming a warrior in the shadows and just play Clumsy Ninja. This is a very interesting ninja game which allows us to actually take a simple, non-trained ninja and transform him into that bad ass character that we always see in the movies.

As you might expect, Clumsy Ninja is all about having fun with a ninja who doesn’t have any powers, in fact, he’s clumsy and without any power other than being funny as hell. Our main purpose in this title is to make sure that our friend gets the proper training and we have fun while teaching him.

clumsy ninja erapid games review

What all of us will do when we start this game is to tie balloons to it, not because this is a fabled ninja tradition, but instead this is very fun and easy to do. Also, what we do enjoy a lot is that the ninja character that stands in front of us sits, looks, walks and even performs any action just like any other person. Being able to control such a realistic character does bring a lot of gameplay value.

The training process is very interesting, as we have more than 70 different types of weapons and items that we can use to train out ninja with. Be it trampolines and ball guns, or even chicken, each one has different levels that we can achieve, allowing us to come one step further to helping our ninja friend become the warrior he always wanted.

Of course, as we play we can travel to new locations, engage in quests and also unlock a lot of items. Alongside that, we can even customize the ninja from head to toe using things such as headbands, suits or belts, among many others. What we like the most about this game is that there aren’t any restrictions, instead you play a game where you take the best possible care of a ninja and engage into some unforgettable moments. While this might be similar to other titles where you just raise a pet and that’s it, in Clumsy Ninja you actually have a purpose of helping a person achieve the best in his life, and that can be a great motivator in real life as well.

clumsy ninja erapid games review

It’s important to know that the game does receive frequent updates with new stuff and gear to use, and you will have a blast going through the newly added stuff, we can assure you of that.

In the end, Clumsy Ninja is a massive, fully packed game that has tons of excitement and lots of funny moments as well. Yes, it might not be the next mobile blockbuster, but it does entertain anyone, no mater any age, and for that thing alone is well worth your time!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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