Colosseum Clash – fight in Colosseum

Colosseum Clash erapid games review

Colosseum Clash – Games Review

Hack and slash your way to glory in the gladiator pit in this exciting arena survival action game, Colosseum Clash!

The controls in this game are fairly simple that is similar to most MMORPG games adapted to work on mobile devices. To put it simply, the bottom left button functions as your joystick while the bottom right sword icon functions as your attack button. The gameplay in Colosseum Clash is fast-paced and fun as well!

In Colosseum Clash, your only objective is to stave off waves of enemies in the gladiatorial ring while trying to survive as long as you can! Besides the usual grunts, the game also throws praetorians, Thracians and even the mythical Greek creatures, the mighty Minotaurs, at you! Each enemy you slay will drop a blue experience orb and possibly some buffs like double coins, healing, bonus life or double speed.

Colosseum Clash erapid games review

After collecting enough experience points, you will level up. Every level up will reward you with 1 stat point that you can use to your gladiator’s stat – health, attack or speed. Increasing your attack would be a good choice to be on the offensive, while health and speed would be suitable if you’re on the defensive.

For each wave you’ve managed to survive, you will enter a bonus coin round, whereby you can gather as many coins, thrown into the arena by the spectators, as you can within the short period of time. With these coins, you can purchase boosts that can increase your effectiveness in the arena, like magnes (coin magnets), maxima (you’ll start with max stats for 1 game) or tempus (god’s blessings). You can also use coins to buy revives, so you can return from the dead and turn the tables on your enemies.

Even as a gladiator, you’ll need to ensure that your gladiator will look awesome enough to swoon all the ladies at the arena! Thus, the game offers a range of gladiator costumes that you can buy with coins. These amazing-looking costumes are not only cosmetic in nature – each costume will provide you with a permanent stat boost, meaning that you’ll start a game with +1 to, for example, your health and attack, if your character is wearing the Velites outfit. Soon, there will also be new arena models that you can buy with coins too!

Colosseum Clash erapid games review

Fancy a challenge? This is because Colosseum Clash provides achievements that are actually challenging to achieve! You will need to defeat a sizeable number of selected enemies to earn achievements. Most achievements in this game reward you with bonus experience points, but some of the even more challenging ones will give you special sets of armour for completing them.

For the more competitive players, there is a leaderboard that compares your highest score with your friends as well as other players globally. You can also share your incredible scores to your friends and family on Facebook to put them to shame! Hey, if you can beat them all in this game, you definitely deserved your bragging rights!

Lastly, as it is powered by Unity Engine, you can definitely expect nice graphics. Furthermore, since the game has cartoony graphics, the overall feel of the game is rather light-hearted. The game also has an ‘audience’ cheering for you when you’re fighting in the arena! It’s pretty awesome.

In short, Colosseum Clash is an entertaining hack-and-slash game where you can actually play as an adorable gladiator fighting for personal glory! If you fancy yourself as the ultimate gladiator, you can test your mettle in Colosseum Clash and see where you ranked!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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