Com2Us launched a new RPG experience in the form of Dragon Knights

Com2Us is a reputable software developer that has a lot of experience when it comes to creating compelling experiences and their latest game named Dragon Knights is definitely an interesting addition to their game offerings.

This game brings you team based combat so all you have to do is to create a group of characters and engage in adventures as you see fit. Alongside that, there are four classes to choose from, so there’s quite a lot of variation. What’s even more interesting is that Dragon Knights starts off with a rather small and interesting approach, but as it evolves it truly becomes a compelling turn based RPG.

Dragon Knights erapid games news

You do have combat in this game, but you need to complete quests, access the game world and explore it as you see fit or just do the things that you would normally want in an RPG such as exploring. It’s a neat dungeon crawling experience with tons of depth and some interesting strategic choices that makes it a lot more different than many games out there.

There are skills you can use during the game, more than 400 weapons to engage your enemies and various loot types to help you in this regard as well.

Add to that the ability to record the items in a special book dedicated to that, immersive boss raids and large boss battles in the game world, as well as arena fights that can be engaged at any given time, then you will see the massive scope behind this game.

Dragon Knights erapid games news

Although it just launched a week ago, Dragon Knights has create a community around it and it’s one of the most interesting titles that were created in a very long time. With enough content updates and events, this might become the next mobile RPG hit, and we invite you to check it out!

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