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Cosmic Haul – Games Review

The vastness of space has always amazed us, and in Cosmic Haul we have the opportunity to explore it in all of its beauty and natural appeal. In fact, this game is one of the few ones in which the procedurally generated worlds are a breeze to explore and thanks to it you will be able to view and explore some amazing lands, unlike nothing that you have ever seen before.

cosmic haul erapid games review

Cosmic Haul is a puzzle game that is fully intended to casual audiences. Your objective in it is to gather the necessary valuable matter and avoid the unimportant one, not to mention that there will also be numerous other challengers along the way that need to be avoided at all costs. What makes Cosmic Haul stand out is the fact that it comes with a very interesting and intuitive gameplay that makes it easy for us to follow the action.

As you would expect, there isn’t any particular story in the game, instead all you need to do is to follow the droid within the game world and control it in order to solve the progressively harder puzzles that you can encounter in your endeavors.

Cosmic Haul is a game that you can download and play only on Android for now, but within its set of 50 amazing levels it makes it very simple for you to test your great hauling skills through the use of the Claw protocol.

What we like about the game is that the levels are fast paced and you do feel a lot of action as you play. This means that it doesn’t really matter if you play in short bursts or very often, as long as you engage in the levels, you will definitely get tons of fun out of it.

cosmic haul erapid games review

One of the things that impressed us the most is the whole interface that the game provides. Instead of keeping the normal, more complex interface that you can find in this type of games, you get a very simple one where you can control your claw which can be used to grab items from the screen. You can also check out the current score and other information that you might need as you play.

The neat thing here is that the enemies will attach you very fast so a lot of precision and fast fingers are required in order to defeat them.

Overall, we found Cosmic Haul to be a fun, exciting and unique game with a very simple premise that still delivers a ton of opportunities and a whole range of fun. If you are a person that loves arcade games with simple graphics but lots of heart, you will certainly like Cosmic Haul!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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