CounterSpy is now live on Google Play

CounterSpy erapid games news

For many persons, the Cold War was a very troublesome, albeit highly problematic period, and while many games tried to recreate it in a very realistic fashion, the reality is that people just want to lose that and focus on the fun that the situation created. This is exactly what CounterSpy does, and it does that with great results.

At its core, CounterSpy is a mobile version for the PS3 game that appeared a little while ago and, as expected, the gameplay and looks are downsized, which is to be expected. CounterSpy however does bring a ton of fun and it manages to create its own genre. You are basically going in with side scrolling stealth and you have to complete a variety of missions that will keep you focused and playing for a very long time.

CounterSpy erapid games news

The best part about CounterSpy for all gamers is that the title is always changing missions, are these are procedurally generated. What you get is something new, fun and exciting to do each time, and this type of thing is exactly what games need to do nowadays in order to capture the attention of their audience!

The art style in CounterSpy is awesome, and because of that the graphics blend seamlessly with the gameplay. Sure, you won’t see any realism in CounterSpy, as this is a purely fictional game, but it’s a fun one which you will definitely like. If you want a fun game that’s inexpensive, then there’s no reason not to give it a try right now, it’s a nice game well worth your time!

CounterSpy erapid games news

You can get the game now from the link below:

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