Crazy Taxi City Rush gets new update

crazy taxi city game erapid news

Ever since its release around a decade ago, Crazy Taxi has always been one of the best and funniest arcade games out there. The game has been released for mobile devices recently under the title Crazy Taxi City Rush and it successfully manages to entertain us once again.

Unlike its predecessor which basically was a cult hit at its release, Crazy Taxi City Rush didn’t fare that good since it reached the app store recently, but hopefully the new update will bring it in the spotlight once again.

The new update that we are currently talking about is the first major one since release and it does pack quite a lot of new goodies. One of the first major additions to the title is the fourth district that actually looks quite a lot with Hollywood, but in a Crazy Taxi version. The streets are really neat with tons of jumps so we can easily rack up a lot of high scores as we drive our customers to the destination. This particular region of the game is quite hard so it’s recommended that you finish up the Uptown HQ mission before actually attempting to go here.

Crazy Taxi City Rush game erapid news

In order to get the most out of the new, fourth region you should have played almost all content that is already available. The region is a fun one to play and you’ll definitely play it for quite a lot as you try to unlock all characters as well as explore the intense world.

On top of that, the update brings you 5 different, new taxis as well as 13 customization options that can be placed on your taxi. In addition to all of the above, the taxi rank missions have received a well-deserved makeover and now medals will also provide you with diamonds, which is the main currency of the game. Finally, some new achievements and bug fixes have been made to make the overall game experience a much pleasant one.

Crazy Taxi City Rush was a fun game to begin with, but the new content certainly provides you with an incentive to play even more of it or, if you didn’t play until now, it engages you to check it out for yourself. Fun, with great graphics and lots of content, Crazy Taxi City Rush is well worth your time, so we recommend that you check out the new update right away!