Crimsonland HD for iOS receives local coop support

Crimsonland HD is a very fun game, in fact it’s a recreation of the 10 year old Crimsonland game that has been created with enthusiasm by 10tons. This one of a kind game has always provided one of the most interesting and action packed experiences since it’s a title that pits you against a massive army of zombies as you try to save the world.

The game has always been known as a good time waster, thanks to its great game modes and interesting campaign, but the newest update that the game received manages to take the whole experience to a whole new level.

Crimsonland hd erapid games news

Crimsonland HD has received, thanks to its latest update, a very interesting way to play in cooperative mode.

Yes, believe it or not, many people have asked for the ability to join their friends in the constant battle against Crimsonland HD’s enemy forces, and that features has finally arrived.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to play in co-op, as this will be possible only if you hook up some MFI gamepads.

If you do have such gamepads though, then you will definitely appreciate the fact that the game allows you to play in cooperative mode from beginning to the end, and in fact there’s support for up to 4 different players, all of them using an MFI gamepad.

Crimsonland hd erapid games news

Crimsonland HD was a very interesting game on its own, and a great time waster like we said above, but with this update Crimsonland HD takes this to a whole new level.

Sure, the update is new only for the iOS platform, but the idea that you can share the fun with others does make an MFI gamepad purchase a great thing. If you own such a gamepad, then checking Crimsonland HD out is a necessity, so go ahead and do that now!

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