Crossy Roads will be released on Google Play in January 2015

Crossy Roads erapid games news

If you like Frogger style games, then you are in for a treat. Crossy Roads is a title that’s already available on the iOS devices, and in January it will come to both Amazon App Store and Google Play.

Crossy Roads erapid games news

What makes this game special? For starters, this is a Frogger game, but instead of using a frog, you control a chicken. Of course, the thing that makes this game a success is definitely its graphics style, as the game looks amazingly well thanks to it. You can also control numerous other types of animals as well, and the locations also vary quite a lot. You get fast moving rivers, lots of busy roads and numerous other places where you can test your skills. With so many levels to play and a ton of variety, you can immediately see why Crossy Roads is such a great game to play.

There are funny animations when you die and a whole range of interesting things from a visual standpoint, but mainly the simplicity of the game is what makes it a success. You don’t have to remember rules or anything in particular, or go through training sessions, instead everything is presented in a very appealing yet quite fun manner, so you will certainly enjoy the outcome.

Crossy Roads erapid games news

Crossy Roads is an astonishing game, well worth it if you are looking to have a lot of fun with your mobile games. It’s funny, highly amusing, and despite being quite repetitive, you always feel that there’s always something to do. If you want a great, simple game to play while on the road, then Crossy Roads should be on your radar. It’s a month away, so prepare your calendar for some 8-bit Frogger epicness!

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