Crossy Roads will launch a UK themed update very soon

Crossy Roads erapid games news

Crossy Roads is one of the most successful apps right now on Google Play and the App Store, but it seems that the developer wants to enrich our experience and take it even further. This is why it seems that we are going to receive a new UK theme with around 17 new characters to be played.

The new update with the UK characters seems to already be available on the App Store for iOS, and it should arrive very fast for the Android platform as well.

Crossy Roads erapid games news

Some of the new characters include the bagpipe player, a chimney sweeper, badgers, the queen’s guards and even a policeman. At the same time, this couldn’t be a game with a UK theme without the double deckers, Royal Mail and the black cabs, so all of these will be included in the game as well via this interesting new update that we are set to receive very soon.

There will also be some new characters related to numerous viral topics from the web right now, so it’s nice to see how the whole thing will play out.

Crossy Roads erapid games news

Adding a new set of characters to the successful Crossy Roads was something that everyone was waiting for, but is the UK pack great for the game? As long as many content packs will follow, this is a great starter, especially if you take into consideration that there are some bonuses here as well. Overall, Crossy Roads UK pack is a nice introduction and one you will enjoy quite a lot. If you have an iOS device you can play it now, but as an Android owner you will need to wait a little bit for it. With no release date yet, you can rest assured though that the Android update is coming shortly!