Crystalux – peaceful experience

Crystalux erapid games review

Crystalux – Games Review

Puzzle games are all about providing you with intense, fun challenges that you need to overcome as fast as possible if you want to get the highest score. Crystalux brings this formula, but it manages to provide some visceral puzzles that will help you test and build up your brain power unlike any other title you have played before.

The main premise of Crystalux is that you have to move the hexagonal chips that are provided on the game board in order to collect patterns of various crystals, and these need to form a predetermined pattern. Crystalux comes with a simple idea, but the way it builds up in difficulty and intensity makes it stand out in the genre!

When you match the necessary items in a certain way, they will color, and this shows you that you are on the right path. However, the idea is to create a certain shape, picture, pattern or form, so the better the shape you create, the higher the score.

Crystalux erapid games review

Crystalux starts off easily, with some simple shapes, but after the first few levels the situation quickly escalates and you find yourself facing some mind bending, astonishing puzzles that require a lot of effort as well as attention if you want to complete them in time.

What’s very interesting about the game is that it always brings a challenge, and you can play one level at a time. The fact that there aren’t any timer certainly adds a lot to the experience, because you don’t feel any external pressure.

The base game offers around 100 levels, and each one of them comes with some unique patterns, but the nice thing is that frequent updates have increased the number of puzzles exponentially, and that is great!

Crystalux comes with a great set of visuals that are unobtrusive, and which make the whole experience feel fresh all the time. The hexagonal patterns are neatly designed and everything just feels right here, so you will always have a good time as you try to solve the challenges up ahead.

You do get hints in Crystalux, but there aren’t that many of them, so you have to use them strategically if you want to win.

Crystalux erapid games review

This game does a wonderful job when it comes to creating a peaceful, relaxing experience, but there are downsides unfortunately, such as those moments when the game gets way too difficult and frustrating, and there are some bugs as well, such as visual tear for example. Still, these don’t take that much from the overall experience, so checking out the game is indeed fun and exciting.

If you are on the lookout for an interesting and challenging game, then Crystalux is what you are looking for. The puzzles are good, and the difficulty is there, but the fact that you can choose to play one level at a time makes the game suitable for any type of situation, so installing it well worth it, especially since it’s free!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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