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CSR racing erapid games review

CSR Racing – Games Review

Rev up your engines, get set and go! Race your way to the top of the pile in this hugely popular drag racing game, CSR Racing, by Natural Motion Games!

One of the first few things you’d notice about CSR Racing is its drool-worthy, superbly-and-meticulously-designed cars that are based on models of actual supercars in real life. There are plenty of familiar names in this game, especially if you’re a car aficionado – Ferrari, McLaren, Benz and many more! If you got the money, you can browse the cars at the car dealer to choose your very own, and new, sweet ride! The cars that you view can be zoomed in and has a 3D rotatable view.

The cars in this game are basically separated into 5 tiers. Although each car has different specs as you would expect, different tiered cars are much more similar and can compete on an equal footing. The game also allows you to own more than 1 car, so you can start collecting your favourite cars to fill up your personal collection of luxury supercars in your garage!

CSR racing erapid games review

The controls in this game are very straightforward and simple as CSR Racing focuses mainly on twitch-based reflexes. Before you start, you will need to rev up your engine, so that the needle on your dial stay in the mid of the dial (in the green light zone). If you can pull it off successfully, you’ll earn a ‘perfect start’ bonus for that race. As your car races towards the finish line, you will need to switch your car’s gear at the precise moment. Shifting your gear too early or too late will cause your car to lose speed and it may cost you the race!

The modes of races available in this game are quite diverse as well. For earning a quick buck, you can participate in ladder races, whereby the difficulty of the race scales with every win, or regulation races, whereby you can choose your own difficulty (rookie, amateur or pro). Besides these races, you can also race against your friends! There is even a campaign called, ‘crew battle’, whereby you challenge the 5 racing crews that control different districts in your city. After beating the lackeys in each crew, you’ll get to fight the crew boss. If you win, you’ll be one step closer to your dream of being the best drag racer the world has ever seen!

CSR racing erapid games review

Want to give your car that extra pump? Enhance your car by buying upgrades. Don’t forget to get that nitrous boost as well! There are different ‘stages’ or grades of car parts and these upgrades will get more expensive as you hit the higher stages.

In CSR Racing, you can also make your car unique by customising it! Purchase a fully-customised license plate for your car with gold (that will require real money to buy)! To change your car colour, you can head over to the paint shop to change the colour for free or even to add cool-looking decals! Decals in this game do not only look good, they also serve a purpose – they can provide special bonuses to your car, such as monetary bonuses for every race you win.

In summary, CSR Racing is one of the best mobile drag racing game with absolutely stunning graphics! The controls are simple to learn but hard to master as it depends heavily on your twitch reflex. There are also car upgrades that you can get to give yourself an extra edge! If you love racing and supercars, this is one game that you mustn’t miss out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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