Cube Koala sees the light of day on the iOS App Store

Cube Koala erapid games news

Many platform game fans have played Super Meat Boy on the PC, but unfortunately not that many games similar to that one can be found for the iOS and Android platform, which is unfortunate. Being able to test your skills in a gruesome arcade game is really fun and Cube Koala manages to capture that right from the start.

What Cube Koala does is that it brings the concept from the aforementioned game to mobile, using the touch controls as well as the unique looks that the title has in the best possible way, to create something very appealing and extraordinary at the same time.

Alongside the gruesome gameplay, Cube Koala also manages to include numerous puzzles that you need to solve in order to get forward into the experience, something that’s very appealing.

Cube Koala erapid games news

Playing as a cute koala is very nice but the best part about the game are definitely the traps which are placed strategically in order to kill you whenever you make a bad move. This is why you need a lot of attention and care when you move or do anything here. You just have to make sure that you guide your hero to safety while the difficulty level in these games increases exponentially.

You can opt to manipulate gravity if you want in order to do your bidding or, if needed, you can use the bouncing skills of your cute koala in order to reach the end of the level.

Cube Koala erapid games news

After playing Cube Koala you will realize that the game is very fun, despite the hard times that it might create as you try to reach the end of the level without dying too much.

The best part about Cube Koala is the fact that you can have a lot of fun for free, and while there are a few ads, not paying and getting so much fun is the best deal you can get. Check out the game at the link below.

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