Cut the Rope 2 – Candy Game Once Again!

cut the rope 2 erapid games review

Cut the Rope 2 – Games Review

Join the ever-hungry and adorable Om Nom on this brand new Cut the Rope adventure to retrieve all of his stolen candies from the mischievous spiders!

The gameplay in Cut the Rope 2 is exactly the same as the previous version of the game. You’ll need to cut the ropes tethering the prize candy to one or multiple platforms or objects by swiping in a cutting motion (like in Fruit Ninja). Then, the candy will then be dropped and rolled down a maze of platforms and ramps, collecting any stars (preferably all stars) along its way. Lastly, the candy should end up in, of course, Om Nom’s gaping mouth! Occasionally, some of Om Nom’s equally cute friends, like Roto, will come along to help out too!

What made this game so addictively fun is definitely its really nice in-game physics! The game has a realistic gravity effect that can be seen when the candy is dropped from high places. The law of the conservation of energy also applies in this game, whereby each swinging motion will lose energy and, hence, the swinging arc will be reduced. Not only that, candy can also be slowed down by obstacles due to the energy lost. Thus, with these great physics in place, you can realistically predict how your candy will move in this game!

cut the rope 2 erapid games review

Cut the Rope 2 also has 3 different modes for levels that are beyond level 5. Every mode completed will award you with a shiny medal and there are a total of 3 medals to be collected! The first mode is the most basic and the easiest whereby the game objective is to collect all the 3 stars needed. The second mode involves collecting larger number of fruits instead of stars. The toughest mode is, unsurprisingly, the last mode. The objective in this mode varies – sometimes you are required to collect 0 stars while sometimes you are needed to complete the level within a given amount of time (timed levels).

If you are unable to fulfil the required objectives, you will lose an energy point. Once you finish off all of the 30 energy points accumulated, you will not be able to play the game any longer. After all, Om Nom can get tired too! However, these points will regenerate over time and if you can’t wait, you could always purchase energy points using real money!

Luckily though, even if you failed at any level, you will still earn at least a little amount of coins. These coins can then be used to buy power-ups, such as teleporters, bombs, hints and balloons, to give you that edge you need to crack that toughie puzzle!

cut the rope 2 erapid games review

I love how you can interact with the cute Om Nom at the menu by patting it on the head, make it spin like a top, or make it stand on its head! This feature fondly reminds me of the adorable Clumsy Ninja game.

To sum it all up, Cut the Rope 2 offers a whole new bunch of interesting and brain-teasing puzzles for you to enjoy! There are various challenging modes per level for you to play and medals for you to collect. The game also provides power-ups to help you out of tough levels if needed which you can buy using in-game money. The endearing cartoony characters made the game so much more enjoyable too! Therefore, if you love giving you brain a good challenge, Cut the Rope 2 is a game that you simply must try out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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