Daddy Long Legs – Hard Fall

daddy long legs erapid games review

Daddy Long Legs – Games Review

Long to re-experience the time when you’re trying to stand on your wobbly legs as a child? Well, with Daddy Long Legs, you can! This game is a minimalist and simplistic endless walker whereby you control a pair of flimsy-looking long legs.

To start, you’ll need to choose whether to play as daddy long legs or his horse, a figure with long legs that are wider apart. On the screen where can see daddy long legs standing in front of a big mirror (just press the mirror button on the bottom right of the game interface), you can swipe left to change to his horse and swipe right to change back to daddy long legs. Choose one that you think may be fun to try out first, but trust me when I say the horse is much more difficult to play!

The aim of in Daddy Long Legs is to walk as far as possible, in meters, on those two slim but very hairy legs. To control the walking action, just tap anywhere on the screen and watch as daddy long legs stumbles across the screen. If you think that’s easy, well, you’re dead wrong! Walking is difficult because you have a big hairy body but very long and slim legs, making balancing a major issue. Those legs don’t look very strong either as they have a strong tendency to wobble, like a newborn trying to stand up by him/herself. The legs may even bent at any time causing the tall daddy long legs to come crashing down onto the ground.

daddy long legs erapid games review

In this game, the timing of your tap is very important – you won’t want to tap too fast, causing the daddy to trip over its own legs; but you won’t want to tap to slow either, or the daddy will fall like chopped timber. How you tap on the screen will decide whether daddy long legs can walk farther than before… or not.

During the game, you may also encounter boxes which can be unlocked. These boxes sometimes contain costumes for daddy long legs or its horse. You can dress your daddy long legs or the horse up in all those funny looking costumes in the mirror screen. However, these costumes will not appear when you’re actually playing the game.

Falling is an avoidable aspect in this game and daddy long legs falls in various hilarious ways! It may fall on its butt, on its face (face-palming with the floor) or even a split-legged fall that may remind you of ballet dancers.

daddy long legs erapid games review

Daddy Long Legs even encourages you to brag about your achievements on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also compare your high score against your friends’ or other players on the leaderboard! If you want, you can record and watch a replay of the walking that your daddy long legs did before it falls flat on its face too! However, on the downside, you may experience a slight lag at times.

Playing this game can be frustrating, exasperating or even may drive you crazy with its simplicity, but that’s exactly what made people coming back to the game for more! Daddy Long Legs is indeed an addictive game that is suitable for gamers who like a hard challenge and a cheap laugh. If you’re any of the above, you will definitely enjoy Daddy Long Legs!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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