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Danger Dragon erapid games review

Danger Dragon – Games Review

Danger Dragon is a side-scrolling 8-bit retro game powered by the famous Unity engine. Being an 8-bit retro game, you can definitely count on pixelated graphics that may bring back memories of games in the 80s. Classic retro music will also be accompanying you on your flying adventures in Danger Dragon.

By looking at the cute dragon and colourful graphics, you may think that this game is designed for kids. You could not have been more wrong! Danger Dragon offers very challenging gameplay that may remind any gamer of the infamous Flappy Bird and is suitable for people of all ages.

In Danger Dragon, the gameplay is simple – in this game, your dragon will automatically start flying from left to right across your screen in a descending manner once you start the game. What you need to do here is to tap the screen repeatedly (and sometimes rather frantically) as you try to keep your dragon afloat while trying to collect as many floating gold coins as possible for points and to maintain your dragon’s health. There is also a combo effect, called a ‘coin streak’, in this game for collecting coins continuously without dying. If you managed to keep your dragon alive for some time, you may encounter jackpot coin showers that will fill your screen with small coins which are worth 1 point each.

Danger Dragon erapid games review

To ramp up the challenge even further, Danger Dragon provides moving obstacles – magicked axes, maces and swords to name a few, that you must do your outmost to avoid. Passing by an obstacle successfully will also award you with more points. Sounds easy? Wait until you try the game out yourself!

There are many ways to die in this game – by being diced or smashed by the various flying weaponry, by failing to collect enough coins to keep your dragon’s health up or by dropping like a meteor to the ground. Luckily, the game does offer some sort of respite from the intense challenge by placing barrels that are suspended in the air into the game. These barrels provide randomly assigned special power ups, such as coin magnet, fast forward and mini mode (in which your dragon will be shrunk to an adorable size to better avoid the many dangers in the sky). With these power ups in hand, the gameplay should be much easier to handle!

Like competing with your friends? Danger Dragon allows you to see your friends’ high scores as well as their longest coin streaks. After beating their scores, you could feel free to post a screenshot of your score to brag… after all, you’ve deserved it!

Danger Dragon erapid games review

Danger Dragon is a great time buster for those boring minutes when you’re waiting for the bus or train. Its simple gameplay makes it easy to learn and has plenty of challenging obstacles and power-ups to keep each play-through engaging. If you’ve enjoyed Flappy Bird or any similar game in the past, then Danger Dragon is certainly the game for you!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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