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Dark Reaper Shoots – Games Review

In the anime-inspired, action arcade game, Dark Reaper Shoots, you get to play as a cute reaper who dreams of one day becoming an angel and thus, he sets off on a quest to take down as many ‘baddies’ from the underworld as he can! The game starts off with a simple tutorial that introduces you to how the game works. Then, it is time for you to head off on your own!

Start by selecting a stage to play in! There are several stages available in the game and each stage contains 10 to 20 levels. You’ll need to beat all the levels to unlock the next stage. There is even a “clear rank” to determine how well you did in the levels you’ve played. It depends on how much health your reaper has left at the end of every level – gold star will be awarded if you have over 90 hit points (HP) left; silver star for over 50 HP and bronze if you barely made it through the level.

Once you’ve selected a level, you won’t be thrown into battle just yet! You’ll get to first choose which potion to use! Potions are concoctions that temporarily boost your stats for the upcoming battle, such as HP potions, which raise the reaper’s HP by 20%; attack potion, which raise attack by 20% and rush potion that raise the attack speed by… you’ve guessed it – 20%! You can buy them using souls, in-game currency that you can earn by defeating enemies. After you’re done, you can tap on ‘battle start’ to start the rumble and enjoy a mini-game while you’re waiting for the level to load!

Dark Reaper Shoots erapid games review

If you’ve played games like Fantashooting, you’ll be very familiar with the controls in this game. There’s a virtual joystick on the bottom left of your screen for you to move your character around while there’s an attack button on the bottom right for you to tap to shoot! It’s really easy to learn the controls, though your character moves rather slowly too – despite that the shooting part in this game is fast enough.

You’ll also notice that you have a pet that follows you around and participates in combat in Dark Reaper Shoots. It is your guard dog, called GowGow, and it is chained to your weapon so it will always be within radius of you, protecting you from danger!

It’s not always wise to rely on your pet, thus, you may want to upgrade your character, either by crafting better gear for him or by increasing his skills, from time to time! There are 4 groups of equipment, namely masks, robes, blades and handles that you can craft using the materials collected and some souls. You can earn crafting materials, by picking up chests, and souls while playing. If you don’t have enough souls, you can always sell your excess materials for more!

Dark Reaper Shoots erapid games review

Your death reaper also has a skill tree! Skills are split into 6 paths and you’ll need to unlock the previous skill before you can move on to the next one on the same path. They require souls to unlock and are consisted of both passive and active skills. Skills that are active can be loaded onto the skills quick bar and activated during battle. The main goal in this game is to get 100% skill completion, meaning getting the entire skill tree unlocked!

In short, Dark Reaper Shoots is a pretty fun action arcade game with a dark theme! Play the game today to help your adorable reaper get his chance of ascending into angelhood!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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