Defense of Greece asks for your help in defending the ancient lands

Defense of Greece erapid games news

Ancient Greece is one of the most impressive places and periods in the human history, so having a game set in this wonderful era is amazing! Defense of Greece is a title that, pretty much like its name says, requires you to defend the Ancient Greece against a wide range of challenges that appear, both from the sea and land as well.

There is a storyline in the game, but the main appeal comes from the multiple challenges that appear with each level. You get one or more entry points in the level, and you need to place the towers you need within the game world all so that you can protect your base.

Defense of Greece erapid games news

Of course, you get the numerous upgrades that make the genre such a fun one to play, but at the same time you have a variety of towers that make the gameplay experience very alert and fun as a whole. If you want, you can also explore the numerous challenges that come from accessing new levels or exploring the story in all of its greatness.
The 60 levels you can find in this game are more than enough to enjoy your time, and the 14 enemy types presented here are cool as well, with each one having its own set of mechanics and other cool stuff.

Defense of Greece erapid games news

Defense of Greece is a rollercoaster ride, with a lot of fun stuff and amazing gameplay to boot, so once you get into the game you will be amazed with how fun it is. If you like such games, we recommend you to give Defense of Greece a try, it’s an enjoyable game that can be downloaded right now from Google Play.

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