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Diamond Digger Saga – Game Review

If you are a fan of match three games on mobile devices, then you certainly know about King and its Candy Crush Saga. Well, since then the developer has created quite a lot of new Saga titles and one of the newest ones is called Diamond Digger Saga.

Diamond Digger Saga is pretty much similar to the other match three games created by this developer, although the premise here is a little different in the fact that you actually need to dig since the tiles are placed on sand. When you match three or more tiles, then the sand will disappear. Other than that, the game mechanics for this title are pretty much the same, but just like all King titles, the gameplay is so fun that you simply don’t need any changes.

diamond digger saga erapid games review puzzle game

You do have power-ups in the game and these will aid you considerably, considering that there’s a limited number of moves in the game and few lives as well. Of course, you can pay real money to remove these limitations, but for those that can’t afford doing that the game is actually a real hell after they pass a few dozen levels.

Moreover, Diamond Digger Saga also comes with a game mechanic that actually freezes tiles so sometimes you have to waste your limited number of moves in order to overcome this problem. This is not a good thing and it will certainly draw you back tremendously, but on the other hand it does amp up the game and it makes it a lot more exciting.

diamond digger saga erapid games review puzzle game

Rest assured though that Diamond Digger Saga is as addictive as it gets. Right from the start you will definitely enjoy the funny characters, the colorful game world and, of course, the fun gameplay that’s in front of you. This means that you will literally spend dozens of hours as you try to uncover more and more levels. Yes, most of them are quite challenging, but in the end a lot of people come here to be challenged and the game provides them with exactly that!

Graphically, Diamond Digger Saga is very cute and the colorful graphics really work for it. The game looks stunning and it does create a one of a kind atmosphere that simply draws you in. While it lacks the interactivity of other Saga games, Diamond Digger Saga does implement some neat mechanics and it’s very pleasant from a visual standpoint. The soundtrack is really funny and the musical pieces work great as a background.

diamond digger saga erapid games review puzzle game

Overall, we found Diamond Digger Saga to be a good little game that’s really funny and enjoyable. While it might not be the best Saga game, it does bring its unique mechanics and provides you with lots of fun, so if you are looking for a good pastime game that’s cute yet very challenging, then Diamond Digger Saga might very well be the title you need.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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