DISC keeps your reflexes in shape

DISC erapid games news

If you loved the TRON movies, then you will definitely love this! D.I.S.C is a game that has a visual style inspired by the aforementioned movies, but at the same time it comes with a really cool, fun gameplay.

The main idea here is quite simple, the player gets in control of a disc which will glide along a pathway side by side, these are colored blue and red. You get markets in the lanes that have similar colors, and all you have to do is to tap the screen in order to make the discs swap the lanes. Basically, you have to match them with the marker so that they will have the same color.

DISC erapid games news

Despite that, the graphics are quite minimalist and you will have a lot of fun using the app, you can rest assured of that. The visual effects are neat and you will appreciate the very high quality results that come from using the app, not to mention that the game does a great job when it comes to fully testing your reflexes. The action becomes more and more alert, but at the same time you will have the opportunity to take your gameplay to the utmost limits.

DISC erapid games news

The premise here is simple, but the gameplay opportunities are indeed immense. You should totally give D.I.S.C a shot if you like the TRON movies and world, or if you are a fan of action games, as the title offers that in spades. Do try and download the D.I.S.C game right now and have a lot of fun with the wonderful gameplay it provides!

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