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Does Not Commute erapid games review

Does Not Commute – Games Review

Fancy putting your driving skills to test, but racing is just not your thing? Well, you will certainly have a great time playing this amazing strategic driving game, Does Not Commute! Developed by Mediocre, this game allows you to help the many residents in the virtual suburb to drive to their destination, all the while trying to prevent crashing the cars against each other or the many obstacles by the roadside.

Each stage in this game contains more than 10 people driving in the same area and each person has his/her own mini-story, which builds up to a whole picture. You will need to coordinate and guide their vehicles’ paths so that they do not crash into each other or into animate objects, like lamp posts, houses or trees, as they are heading to wherever they wanted to go to. The stages are timed as well – you are given 1 minute to guide all the people in the stage to their respective destinations, though, occasionally, you may be able to collect 10/20 –second bonus time along the way.

You may be wondering, “how can I guide them?” It’s rather easy really! Once you start the game, the vehicle in question will automatically move forward. You can then gently nudge the car into the direction you want it to go. However, the game provides no tutorial, so you will have to figure out the details out yourself. Although it seems that by tapping on the left side of the screen will move your vehicle to the left and vice versa, sometimes, sometimes the vehicle went the other direction instead of the one you turn it to. It can be very frustrating as you had to do a complete U-turn, wasting even more in-game time.

Does Not Commute erapid games review

Sometimes, you may accidentally crash the vehicle you’re controlling. Crashes will not affect the vehicles’ movement. Even if the car flips over, it will right itself again and continue moving forwards. However, of course since the car is damaged, the car will move much slower, taking up more of the time you have on the timer. The effects of a damaged vehicle are very realistic though – the car will splutter and groans as it “crawls” towards the destination.

In such cases, you may want to rewind and start again for that particular car. The timer will also be rewind and so does all the damage that the car may have sustained. Each rewind will cost you 1 second from the timer. There’s another way to get a free rewind (without the time penalty) though! You can instead send the vehicle down the wrong road and the game will auto-rewind for you. Awesome, right?

Does Not Commute erapid games review

After getting a driver on his/her path, each of these drivers will then remembers the path (including every embarrassing crash or flip overs) and will move accordingly. However, this time around, you are playing as the second driver. You’ll then need to ensure that the second or any subsequent drivers do not crash with the previous cars although both cars may be going in the same direction. As more and more vehicles enter the scene, it can get rather chaotic. Not to mention, besides cars, you are also given the chance to virtually “drive” an ambulance and a school bus as well! There are other types of vehicles that will be introduced to you as you progress.

All in all, Does Not Commute is a challenging game mainly due to the controls not behaving as expected, but it is certainly fun to play and is a very addictive game. Try it out for yourself now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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