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Donutcat – Games Review

Donutcat is a very weird cat. Unlike normal cats, it doesn’t like to eat fishes; it loves donuts instead! So, imagine its surprise and the intense rumbling of its stomach when it saw one such donut running past it and hopping onto a vertical pole that stretches up into the skies! Putting its fear of heights aside, the cat decides to pursue the donut at all costs, much like the famous Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons… and this is where you come in!

To help the donutcat possibly catch up with the clever two-legged donut, you’ll need to tap anywhere on the screen to make the donutcat jump to the other side of the vertical pole in order to avoid protruding obstacles as it ran up the pole. Do note that the pole is practically riddled with such protruding “branches”. If you missed a tap, the donutcat will ran smack-dab into the obstacle on the pole. Then, a humongous fish will rise up from the bottom of the screen and gobble your donutcat up. Talk about karma biting the donutcat back in the bum!

Donutcat erapid games review

The game can be rather frantic in terms of pacing and you’ll need to have really good reflexes as well as hand-eye coordination to tap at the times you need to in order to get your donutcat as close as it can be to the delightful food that it is currently pursuing. As you play the game, the pace of the game will gradually pick up as well, making the game even faster than before!
Also, occasionally, the donut will make an appearance just to egg the donutcat, and you, on. Don’t get too distracted by the donut and focus on your tapping or you’ll end up killing your cat!

In addition, don’t forget to collect as many coins as you can along the way! However, so far, the coins serve no apparent function in the game though, since the game doesn’t have any way for you to spend your coins. There is no in-game shop nor any boosters or power-ups that you can buy. Assumingly, these features might be added later on in a patch or something.

Donutcat erapid games review

There are also flowers that you can collect as you reach the later part of the game. Once you have enough of them, you’ll enter a dizzy mode that increases the game’s difficulty by a notch or two. Though, it’s good to have something new now and then or the game will become boring, right? You can also boast about your high score on your various social medias and challenge your friends to try to beat your score! There are even many achievements that you can earn as well!

In a nutshell, Donutcat is a very challenging and reflex-testing endless runner game that allows you to run upwards vertically instead of the usual horizontal format. It is a retro game that contains elements that are as nonsensical as the viral meme depicting a “neon cat farting rainbows”. If you enjoy this sort of game, you should definitely try Donutcat out! Who knows? One day, you might just be able to help the poor naïve donutcat to catch the donut!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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