Doodle Adventures draws new lines on Android

Doodle Adventures erapid games news

We know that there are a lot of Doodle games nowadays, but all the time developers seem to find a niche worth exploring. With Doodle Adventures, you get to do an amazing thing, and that is to rebuild DoodleLand. You need to control the level by drawing and dragging blocks with your finger in order to recreate the land.

It might sound easy, but the more you will play, the harder the challenges will become, so there’s always a need to play more and more in this title.

Doodle Adventures erapid games news

There are obstacles, threats and other similar items that need to be avoided, but the best part about Doodle Adventures is that you can always try to use everything you can in order to reach your goals. Levels tend to bring new mechanics all the time, which means that there are always new incentives to play.

In Doodle Adventures you can find more than 50 levels and many are added regularly, so there’s always a lot of fun to be hard as you play. At the same time, you can grab secret coins, create your new levels in the editor and even share the levels you have in the game as you see fit.

Doodle Adventures erapid games news

With Doodle Adventures there’s always something nice to play and explore, and this is one of the best doodle inspired game for many. It might not be that appealing to anyone because of the graphics style, but Doodle Adventures is a game that should be tried at any given time.

You can check out Doodle Adventures right now, as it’s downloadable for free on Google Play, and yes, it does include in-app purchases. Download the game from the link below.

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