Doodle Hopper – From Platform to Platform

Doodle Hopper erapid games review

Doodle Hopper – Games Review

Join the bean-shaped doodle hopper, named Hopper, on his exciting adventure to explore the world of doodle in this challenging, 2D side-scrolling, endless platform-hopping game that is entirely free-to-play, Doodle Hopper!

Doodle Hopper is a very simple game to grasp and thus, no tutorial is provided. The controls are very straightforward… your doodle hopper will automatically start running from left to right once the game starts. You’ll then need to tap on your screen – anywhere will do – to help Hopper to leap across from platform to platform.

For platforms that have a wider distance in between, you might want to perform a double jump by tapping while your bean-shaped doodle is airborne. An alternative way to perform the double jump is to hold onto your first tap and your bean doodle will automatically double jump. Once a double jump is performed, your Hopper will need to land even for a brief second in order to jump again. If not, you’ll not be able to jump anymore and the doodle will drown as he fell into the raging sea below.

Doodle Hopper erapid games review

The game sounds easy, right? Well, it is easy… at least for the first 30 seconds. However, after you gain some form of rhythm, the game gives up on the long and wide platforms for stretches of small island-type platforms that can be very hard to land accurately on. Soon, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place to land. Not to mention, the pace picks up really quickly as you progress, leading you to a tapping frenzy!

Let’s not forget to collect as many gold coins as you can as you help Hopper hop from one platform to another. These coins can then be used to unlock new doodle hoppers that you can use in the game! The doodle hoppers are of the same bean-shape as the default one though – the only difference is their colours, namely blue, orange and green. It might be better to have differently shaped yet equally adorable hoppers among the selection provided, in my opinion.

There is also a leaderboard feature for you to compare your high scores with your friends on Google Plus. Feel free to share your accomplishments in this game with your friends to feast on their envy too! After all, you did work hard to get that high score!

Doodle Hopper erapid games review

One of the most unique aspects in Doodle Hopper is definitely its graphics. The visuals are very nicely shaded – using colour pencils, nonetheless! – allowing this game to stand out from the other games which utilise the overused, highly polished and brightly coloured cartoon graphics. The graph paper-style background looks amazingly suitable for this game as well!

To round everything up, Doodle Hopper is a challenging yet fun-filled endless hopping game with a 2D side-scrolling format that is (most importantly) entirely free-to-play! This means there isn’t an in-app shop or even a life or energy bar that you have to wait to for it to refill itself. It is honestly rare to see such a quality game offered up as completely free-to-play. If you love challenging endless platform-hopping game with doodles in them, you should definitely check Doodle Hopper out today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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