Down The Mountain comes on Android

Down The Mountain erapid games news

After a very successful run on iOS, Down The Mountain has finally manages to come to Android as well, and we couldn’t be happier. The game is one of those titles that offer insane entertainment for hours upon hours despite having a very simple premise.

The idea here is simple, you need to guide your animal down a mountain, but you can go only on specific blocks, and there are numerous challenges along the way. Some blocks have spikes, lava, others have water and make you float and so on. There are so many cool things in this game that you can hardly find them all in one go, so the title does have an immense replay value which is a major plus. The graphics are insanely useful and beautiful as a whole, not to mention that there are no less than 60 unlockable characters to peruse at all times.

Down The Mountain erapid games news

In Down The Mountain you can find 200 missions to complete as well as numerous prizes that can be acquired from the prize wheel, and you will love those for sure. They added so much attention to detail that you can find around 78 achievements which need to be unlocked as you play. Collecting stars will allow you with access to the additional characters, and that’s what makes the game more cohesive and fun as a whole!

Down The Mountain erapid games news

You will surely like Down The Mountain a lot, because it’s one of those games that really offer immense replay value, and even if you die in it, you can get right on the money very fast, which is what matters in the end. Just check out this game now, and you will surely enjoy playing it!

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