Dragon Blaze brings in dragons to Google Play

Dragon Blaze erapid games news

We all love dragons in an RPG, they are the ultimate addition to what can be an amazing game, so there’s always nice and fun stuff to be had while dragons are around. Dragon Blaze tries to bring in a similar idea, and this time we will need to save humanity from a very bad end, because dragons are now in a direct war with humans.

There are multiple types of characters whose role we can assume here, and the gameplay is very interesting because we can easily recruit new people which will assist us towards ending the war. There will be numerous battles, casualties and, the thing we are most excited about, dragon encounters!

Dragon Blaze erapid games news

What makes Dragon Blaze stand out is the fact that the game has a stunning role, as it seamlessly combines strategy with a very distinct graphics style. You will be able to play as a rogue, mage, archer, knight or priestess and some of the allies are actually playable characters.

Dragon Blaze brings in bosses as well as many enemies that you will encounter and battle in real time, but you will also have the opportunity to challenge the players in the arena as you see fit. You can even battle against enemies in the labyrinth, which is a nice twist and addition.

Dragon Blaze erapid games news

Tactics and a good strategy is all that Dragon Blaze wants you to bring to the table, and the gameplay is very significant. If you want a fun, exciting and action packed game, then Dragon Blaze is the best possible gameplay experience you can have right now, so we encourage you to give it a try right now, you will not be disappointed. Check the game at the link below:

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