Dragon Jump – Dragon Challenge

Dragon Jump erapid games review

Dragon Jump – Games Review

Evil dragons have invaded the kingdom in droves, terrifying the poor peasants underneath them. You, as the courageous and suave knight that you are, decided to head up the tallest tower in the kingdom armed with a mere lance to take care of the dragon infestation problem. Will you succeed? Well, that’s up to you to find out in this thrilling endless hopping game, Dragon Jump!

The controls in Dragon Jump are very simple to learn, but can be really hard to master. What you’ll need to do in the game is to tap on the screen to make your knight jump upwards… preferably piercing a couple of dragons in the gut in the process! You can also jump and land on a dragon to make it crash to the ground. In this game, you won’t be facing only vicious dragons; you will also be taking on magically flying weapons, such as swords and pitchforks.

Furthermore, there are dragons that are very high up and seemingly out of reach. Well, for those, you’ll need to perform the tricky action of jumping onto the back of a dragon and right after you “killed” the dragon by landing on its back, you’ll need to tap again to jump even higher. This is the trick move you’ll need to take on the various demonic bosses which are spawned in Dragon Jump. If not, your character will never jump high enough to even prick the bosses in their shin!

Dragon Jump erapid games review

Dragon Jump also offers a huge variety of dragons and bosses for you to enjoy slaying. Most dragons fly in a bullet-straight line, though some seem to be drunk and they fly in a wavy, up-and-down pattern. There are also golden dragons which you can kill to obtain a nice 5 gold coins. Collect more gold coins by slaying more golden dragons or watching advert videos to unlock new knightly characters! There are 4 other characters that you can unlock besides the default knight, so be sure to collect them all!

Unlike some other games of the same genre, Dragon Jump doesn’t allow you to move or attack horizontally… only vertically. Thus, you should avoid both dragons and flying weapons alike if they are heading towards your character from the side. This is easier said than done though as there were times when it is practically impossible to avoid a possible death, such as the moment when you realised that your character is penned in from all sides.

However, death is the bred-and-butter of a knight’s life in Dragon Jump, it seems, and thankfully, the game doesn’t restrict your gameplay by implementing a health/ life or energy system. So, do feel free to play for as long as you like if you are determined to master this game!

Dragon Jump erapid games review

Did you just get yourself an amazing new high score? Well, what are you waiting for? The game also provides ways for you to boast about your accomplishments in Dragon Jump by sharing your character’s comedic last moments via a screenshot on your various social media sites!

In short, Dragon Jump is a very entertaining and challenging endless hopping game that allows you to take on the role of a knight trying to protect his/her kingdom from invading dragons and their demonic masters. How many dragons can you defeat? Play Dragon Jump now and find out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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