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Dragon Rider: The Adventure Begins – Games Review

Dragon Rider: The Adventure Begins is a 2D arcade game developed by Tezmind that allows you to ride a magnificent dragon and fly across beautiful cartoony landscapes!

The controls are not too hard to learn. You’ll need to tap to fly and release to dive (like Flappy Bird). However, it’s interesting to note that you can also get your dragon to fly in circles by pressing a finger to the screen and hold. There is a button on the bottom left of your screen that allows your dragon to launch a fireball too! Fireballs in this game are unlimited, so feel free to fire away!

While tapping consistently, you need to avoid hitting the stalactite above and the floating islands below, or even plummeting into the water and drown. Even by slamming into a mere tree on one of the floating islands could get your mighty dragon killed. There are also obstacles that you can either destroy by hitting it with your dragon or you could fire fireballs at it (Why not, right? You are riding a dragon after all!). There will even be moving enemies that you’ll need to kill by diving, firing off a fireball and then soaring up again before you and your dragon crash into the ground or a tree. It can be truly exhilarating when you managed to execute this manoeuvre!

Dragon Rider: The Adventure Begins erapid games review

As you fly, you’ll need to collect coins and diamonds along the way. Each in-level coin you pick up will translate into 10 coins in-game while diamonds, no matter its colour, will give you 50 coins. However, if the diamond is pulsing like a beating heart, those special diamonds are worth twice as much as normal diamonds. There are also wealth bags that are worth 200 coins each and mystery boxes that contain attractive bonuses.

Coins are very important in this game as it is needed for you to buy subsequent levels (you are only given 1 free level to farm for coins, unfortunately), additional lives (you only have 2 lives) and power-ups, such as hammer, multifire and bazooka. The game contains many differently-themed zones, such as the sea side, cave, and misty forest. However, considering that you’ll need a ridiculous 1.9 million coins to unlock all 6 levels in the first zone, it is obvious that the game wants to force you to buy coins instead.

Let’s say you’ve managed to, somehow, get enough coins without spending real money and unlocked a zone. Although each zone contains many levels in them, you will still need to spend more money to unlock each individual level in the zone you just bought and each level costs more than what you spent to unlock the new zone! Absolutely shocking!

Dragon Rider: The Adventure Begins erapid games review

Thankfully, there’s another route you can get half of the available new levels unlocked… that is by inviting your friends to this game. The number of friends you will have to invite increases for every level and soon, either your Facebook friends will eventually hate you for it or you’ll give up the game entirely. To be honest, I do not believe that this game is worth destroying your friendships for and I haven’t even begun writing about the very incessant pop-up adverts in this game!

In short, Dragon Rider: The Adventure Begins has great game and level design as well as acceptable graphics and sound, but it has one of the worst microtransaction systems that I’ve seen. Considering that you have to pay more than $20 just to get only 2 zones to be fully unlocked, this is one game you might want to avoid.

e-Rapid Games rate: 4/10

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