Drift Girls – Girl in the Car

Drift Girls erapid games review

Drift Girls – Games Review

Enjoy drifting in your super race car with a hot girl by your side? Well, Drift Girl is definitely your thing! In this game, you’ll race against challenging opponents, win by performing fantastic drifts, go out on a date with a hot girl and then race some more… because why not?

To start racing and drifting, you will have to move to the race area first. Starting a race consumes fuel, but it will regenerate over time. You can also select the race to check its details. You’ll be given a car to “test out” your skills as a car racer. Don’t worry though – you’ll be getting your own car pretty soon!

Ready to burn some rubber on the streets? Like any other racing game, you’ll have to tap on the gas pedal to get your RPM up before the start of the race. When it reaches optimum speed, the light near to the speed indicator will flash green and you will get a perfect headstart. In this game, the car drives itself so you don’t have to control anything really… at least until your car hits a bend. When you do, you’ll need to use the buttons on either sides at the bottom of the screen to drift, depending on the direction you want.

Drift Girls erapid games review

To drift, you have to press the button at the start when the centre of your car reaches the starting line of the drift and hold it down. Release it at the end when the middle part of your car reaches the finishing line of the drift. It is definitely much easier said than done though. The key in this game is precision timing and steering. If your car’s rear tire passed the line, you’ll lose a lot of score points.

Getting good drifts are very important in this game as every good drift you perform will fill you nitro meter by a significant amount. When the nitro is refilled, you can then trigger your nitro to give you an edge over your opponent. Thus, by drifting perfectly at every corner, you’ll get more nitro to put even more distance between you and the competition.

Furthermore, each race is ranked by tiers and you can always replay race tracks and receive rewards again if you record a higher rank. Each victory also adds to the completion of an episode. When an episode reaches 100%, a boss appears! Oh and by winning, you’ll even get the car of the loser. How awesome is that?

Drift Girls erapid games review

Since Drift Girls is also a dating simulation game, you can choose a girl to give a ride to. Having a drift girl will actually make your car perform better as if it wants to impress her, although she can get pretty annoying. Keep giving rides to the same girl to increase your girl’s fondness level as well as your car’s stats. After a certain level, you’ll be able to ask the girl out on a date. Be sure to buy a gift for her though or she might just say no!

Besides girls, cars are also obviously important in this game. Your car proficiency increases each time you race, regardless of the race results… but, of course, winning adds more points! Moreover, you can also merge cars of the same kind to get a higher tier car or to accumulate your proficiency into one car. You can even customize your car with paints or decals too!

In short, Drift Girls has a pretty entertaining drifting system and it works well with drift girls added to the mix. However, this game effectively alienates female gamers, and may cause male gamers to feel somewhat icky after playing it. You have been warned!

e-Rapid Games rate: 6/10

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