Ubisoft will launch Driver Speedboat Paradise on Android in April

When it comes to Ubisoft, we already know that they have a ton of interesting and exciting games for the desktop platform, but the Android and mobile division is a little lackluster. Thankfully, it seems that Ubisoft has finally managed to come up to terms with the mobile audience, as they plan to release a very interesting game named Driver Speedboat Paradise sometime next month.

The game is set to take the interesting Driver franchise and shift it in order to include powerboats. Yes, Driver Speedboat Paradise will be a game about powerboat racing that will also include some interesting dynamics into the story, as it seems that you will also be fighting organized crime at the same time.

Driver Speedboat Paradise erapid games news

But the standout features of this upcoming Driver Speedboat Paradise game seem to be the stellar water physics and dynamics that will bring realistic waves, a lot of power and real-time frequency which is nice to say the least. Alongside that, as you progress within Driver Speedboat Paradise you will also be able to get the upgrades and new speedboats that you need in order to defeat your other enemies.

Of course, there will be numerous challenges to complete, as well as a ton of other unique and fun boosters, which Ubisoft didn’t unveil for now, probably not to spoil the pleasure. As it sits, Driver Speedboat Paradise seems to be a really exciting game, and since it will free to play, you will definitely be able to give it a shot in less than a month. As for the in-app purchases, you can surely speculate that they will be there, in one form or another!

Driver Speedboat Paradise erapid games news

You can check out a video for the Driver Speedboat Paradise game below, where you can see the visuals and the realistic gameplay!