DuckTales Remastered finally gets iOS and Android release

ducktales remastered erapid games news

One of the standout platformers the past year was DuckTales Remastered. This one of a kind game managed to successfully reboot a 20-year old game and gave it a whole new, HD coat that was very fun and exciting.

But while the game was available only on Steam for quite some time now, it seems that the developers have finally managed to provide us with a mobile version. The game just game out a few days ago on Android and iOS, with other mobile stores to follow soon.

ducktales remastered erapid games news

What do you get in DuckTales Remastered? You have the ability to play as Scrooge McDuck as you follow the trail of an ancient relic. You will be able to explore the African mines, the moon, Transylvania as well as the Amazon in your ultimate quest, but at the same time you will have numerous interesting attacks. In DuckTales: Remastered you even get multiple boss battles and a great, long final boss battle that will keep you pumped as you play.

In DuckTales Remastered there are tons of unlocks, as well as more than 90 different pieces of production from the original series in the 90’s.

ducktales remastered erapid games news

With the help of DuckTales Remastered you can also play via Bluetooth and use power-ups and other items you acquire during your game sessions at any time.

DuckTales Remastered is very fun and it manages to bring you a ton of unique, appealing moments because let’s face it, who’s not a fan of these great Disney characters. This is a game that needs to be purchased in order to play, but the $9.99 are well worth it even if you are remotely interested in this game. Check it out on Android and iOS right now!

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