Dungeon Hunter V has been announced for Android and iOS

Dungeon Hunter V erapid games news

All of us know that Dungeon Hunter is one of the best hack and slash series on mobile devices, so when you learn that a new game is coming out in this particular world, you can bet that this is something huge and exciting. Recently, Gameloft has announced that they plan to expand the Dungeon Hunter mythos with a new release, named Dungeon Hunter V.

Unfortunately, few details have risen when it comes to the new title, and what is known right now is that the game will feature intense graphics, as well as a wide range of bonuses if you manage to sign up for details right now. Depending on the amount of shares that people make on the website that is now live at here, people will be able to gain new and interesting loot to use in their battles.

Dungeon Hunter V erapid games news

What does the game offer though alongside these bonuses? If we know the series well, one of the things that it can offer is more intense battles, better graphics, more expansive maps and who knows, maybe some new weapons as well.

We will play as a bounty hunter instead of a soldier, and this will bring some major changes in the overall gameplay. According to Gameloft, the game has been built from the ground up with a new engine, so you can bet that there is some neat stuff hidden there, just waiting to be discovered. How good is the game though? It’s a little unclear what the other changes might bring, but we are more than eager to find out. The game is set to be released sometime this year, with no clear release date. Still, the title has definitely sparked our interest, and because of that we look forward to its release.

You can find the dev diary for Dungeon Hunter V below: