Dungeon Hunter V releases on March 12

dungeon hunter v erapid games news

As we mentioned a little time ago, Dungeon Hunter V is in the works and it’s nice to see that the best mobile dungeon crawler is getting a new installment. The interesting thing this time is that most of the game has been built from the ground up, which means a much better engine, new multiplayer gameplay, a new gear leveling system, animations, graphics.

Let’s face it, Dungeon Hunter IV was already an amazing game, but with Dungeon Hunter V the development team wants to take the whole setting to the next level. It’s a little hard to realize if they will bring good results or not this time, as making everything from the scratch does pose some threats, but still, we are confident that the dev team will succeed, and in the end this is all that matters.

dungeon hunter v erapid games news

Although until now a release date wasn’t available for Dungeon Hunter V wasn’t available, a few days ago we finally got the latest news that the game is scheduled for a 12 March release. Basically, we are just a few days away from a great experience in the demanding yet very fun dungeon crawling game.

It’s interesting to see how the new levels and exciting gameplay will pan out with this game. Let’s face it, Dungeon Hunter V is set to become the best in its category once again, as there aren’t that many games with this premise to begin with. If it will succeed or not that’s definitely up to the development team, but all we know is that we look forward to the release data so that we can get our hands on one of the best dungeon crawlers of all time, now in a reinvented form!