Dungeon Tracker brings action packed card battles to Google Play

Google Play is one of the best stores when it comes to variety, and this is exactly what Dungeon Tracker shows. This is a title that combines dungeon crawling opportunities with a battle RPG style, and thus provides you with a lot of challenges that you have to undergo.

You are playing as a summoner in this game, and you will need to catch and control creatures. There are more than 300 included within the game and you receive a fun, easy to understand tap system that will guide you through the battles.

Dungeon Tracker comes in with a wonderful main story as well as a special PVP mode that allows players to engage each other in battle as they see fit.

Dungeon Tracker erapid games news

There’s a lot to be had here, because the title brings in a ton of content and many game modes to keep things interesting. But for many of us, the standout feature is the graphics system which is not only very polished, but also professionally looking, so you are definitely going to like the outcome, that’s a guarantee.

You will be able to evolve your cards, time your attacks and even create dangerous combos, all in a massive game world that is not only varied, but which brings in a lot of gameplay opportunities for you to enjoy.

Dungeon Tracker erapid games news

You can tackle the world boss with the help of your friends if you want, but the main idea is that you have to create a powerful party of creatures which will help you obtain the results you see during battles.

Dungeon Tracker is an interesting card game to check out, and you can download it right now on Google Play!

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