Empires of Sand – strategy fulfill with sand

Empires of Sand erapid games review

Empires of Sand – Games Review

We have all played strategy games for a very long time now, and most mobile games don’t really offer a different experience as opposed to the normal desktop based titles. Thankfully, with the help of Empires of Sand you get the unique opportunity to get in the middle of the Egyptian empire and customize it according to your needs.

The neat mix of strategy game and tower defense makes the title a whole lot more interesting. The main focus here is to try and defend your base as the enemies send troops in order to defeat your enemies.

Empires of Sand erapid games review

Empires of Sand brings you a great level of managing your main city, because between the levels you get the option to create new buildings or improve the ones that you already have. Of course, you will also be able to bring new upgrades for your troops or even find out some new abilities that will make the game even more interesting in the end.

We found the empire management session to be the heart and soul of the game, because this way you do feel that you progress within the title. However, many will argue that the PVP is also very important for Empires of Sand and they aren’t far from the truth. In the end, the most important thing is to engage your enemies in battle in order to see which one of you is the ultimate pharaoh.

Even the campaign mode included within the title is quite interesting because it brings a neat history inspired trail which you need to follow in order to retake Egypt.

City defense also has its merits, because while you are away conquering others chances are that you will also be attacked by other people and this means that they will definitely try to bring their best, so you might as well bring the best defenses that you possibly can.

You can chat with pharaohs from other countries and also play all 5 game modes included in the game which we find a real treat.

Empires of Sand erapid games review

Of course, a lot of emphasis is placed on the visuals and the way that the game looks. Dare we say that the title looks stunning, and everything from the characters to the buildings and so on look really well. The optimizations for the Retina Display can be seen, and the game just receives a lot of benefits from that.

The soundtrack does contain some Egypt themed songs, which we found neat to say the least. However, the main emphasis here is on the gameplay and graphics that are combined together into a very appealing game.

So, is Empires of Sand worth a try? Of course, especially if you are a fan of strategy games and tower defense. The colorful graphics and interesting additions to the genre make it well worth a try, but you should be aware that numerous challenges might need to be faced! Also, the game is very addictive, so take that into account if you want a title that will last in the long run.

e-Rapid Games Rate: 9/10

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