Epic Eric arrives next week on Google Play

232 Studios are widely known for their fun and interesting games, and with Epic Eric they want to take their game stash to the next level. As the name implies, we will control Erich, which is a knight that wants to defeat his enemies. We can also play as the princess Erica, but the main idea here is we need to save our beloved counterpart as fast as possible to obtain the best outcome.

There are 60 stages included in this game, all of which are scattered throughout the 8 unique game worlds presented here.

Epic Eric comes with a ton of puzzle solving, and at the same time it also brings in numerous other elements, which include the one touch controls, funky game world an ton of other stuff.

Epic Eric erapid games news

The music here also seems to be very interesting, because it infuses the modern appeal with the old style tunes that you enjoyed in the early days of gaming.

Assuming on what you can see in the trailer for this game, there will be a lot of jumping, platforming elements and a wide range of puzzles for you to enjoy. Thinking about the stellar gameplay, you can rest assured that there will be a ton of challenges along the way, all the experience will be well worth your time.

Epic Eric erapid games news

The game seems quite polished, and the experience might definitely be well worth your time if you are into puzzle or platform games, but the developers seem to make the game child friendly too, which will definitely provide its own host of fun things to check out and explore as you play.

Epic Eric is set to arrive next week so if these features seem like something you would like, then you should definitely mark your calendar!