Evoland receives iOS version

evoland erapid games news

If you are an RPG fan, then you most likely heard about Evoland, which is a game that was created to help you go through the golden ages of RPG games and check out how they evolved as time has passed. This game is an amazing testament to the gamers and the evolution of gaming.

You start in a monochrome setting and then evolve to full 3D graphics. In order to do that you need to explore the world, gain access to new technologies and then use the amazing turn based battles to up the ante.

evoland erapid games news

The graphics in this game will improve gradually, similar to the graphical improvements that took place as time has passed in real life.

The game really manages to provide a complete history lesson for the action-adventure games, and it’s very interesting right from the start. After you explore and clear a region, you can gain some great upgrades that will help you take your experience to the next levels. Thankfully, when you get access to better graphics you will be able to explore the previous regions too and see them with a completely new set of graphics.

evoland erapid games news

In Evoland you can find numerous puzzles, tons of secrets and an astounding number of dungeons as well. Evoland focuses a lot on creating a stellar RPG experience and it manages to provide numerous achievements as well, which is quite cool! You can explore the world, uncover secrets, have fun with the puzzles and just engage into exploring and RPG inspired battle scene.

From bosses to the game world design, Evoland oozes RPG nostalgia, so if you played an RPG even once, this game should be on your radar for sure!

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