Evolve – Creating a Monster

evolve erapid video

Evolve is definitely one of the most expected video games in 2015, and we constantly receive new videos, news, and reports about this title. For example, there was revealed a third monster lately – Wraith, different modes such as hunt, rescue, defend, etc., and five episodes of the evolution of Evolve. The last one appears in this post, and it’s about a monster itself. Phil Robb and Chris Ashton from Turtle Rock Studios tell us how they come up with a different kind of monsters, and how they were developed in a way that the player feels a connection with those monsters. It’s really incredible what they did, so let’s watch and listen!

The game will be available on February 10, 2015, for next-gen consoles and PC, although Beta tests will begin on January, 15 and are Xbox One exclusive.