Farming Simulator 16 soon on Google Play!

Farming Simulator is one of those series that manage to create a massive following, despite starting with a generic and simple idea. Farming Simulator 16 is no different, as it manages to expand on the previous version while also adding in new crops, as well as local multiplayer and much better graphics, exactly what you would expect.

You get some cool new things as well, such as forestry for the first time in the mobile series, but at the same time you can also run your own farm if you want, plant seeds and water crops all so that you can sell the result for money and improve your far the way you want.

farm simulator android erapid games news

New tools and vehicles are coming as well, something that you might already think of happening, considering that the series always manages to expand and take the experience to the next level, which is really nice to say the least. While it can be a little daunting at first, Farming Simulator 16 does take the franchise to the next level and it’s incredibly fun to use it, you can rest assured of that.

Despite the fact that many games tend to be free to play with in-app purchases, Farming Simulator 16 is set to cost $4.99 and at the same time it will include some optional in-app purchases. Hopefully these will not affect the gameplay, as there will be some major issues with the player base, but maybe it won’t come to that and these will be only aesthetics. Only time can let you know.

farm simulator android erapid games news

In conclusion, Farming Simulator 16 is a title you should totally keep an eye out if you are interested in farming games and one of a king gameplay ideas. Keep an eye out for it on Google Play this August!